Your Options After a Work Accident

Work injuries can happen at any time, and it’s not so simple to overcome them. Sure, it probably sounds simple, right? You just need to file your claim and get the workers comp benefits you need. However, it’s not nearly that simple. 

At Wild West Wills, we understand that a workers comp claim can leave you confused and struggling. You need answers that will help you detangle your case, especially if you’re struggling to get the benefits you need for your recovery from your on-the-job injury. 

Seeking Out Benefits

First, understanding the benefits you need for your recovery is important. Many workers know that they shouldn’t be responsible for their recovery costs, but they might not know what they’re actually entitled to receive. 

First, your medical costs should be covered, in full. Any necessary expenses for your recovery should be covered. If you lost a loved one to a work accident, you should also receive some money for their funeral and burial. 

Then, you should receive some form of wage replacement, which is where many people struggle during their recovery. You’ll need funds that cover some of your lost income so you can support yourself and your family. However, the amount you receive can vary. 

For example, someone who’s completely unable to work may receive up to eighty percent of their original income. For those who are only partially impaired, they might receive a much smaller fraction of the costs. Because of that, you’ll need help unraveling what your claim is really worth. 

What Happens After a Denial? 

Not every case is as simple as filing your claim and getting your benefits. Many people find themselves holding a denial letter, not an approval letter. Some workers also assume that’s the end of their claim. Fortunately, in this case, your claim might be more complex than that. 

Dealing with a denial doesn’t mean that you’re at the end of your claim. Instead, you’ll have a chance to appeal that denial and settle for your benefits. Often, that’s easier with a work comp denial lawyer, who can guide you through the appeal. 

Typically, you’ll have a chance to argue for your compensation. That means you’ll need to prove that you were injured at work, should receive benefits, and then fight for those benefits during your hearing before the board. 

Compensation for Injured Workers

Even an accident that your employer is responsible for can be tough. You should expect compensation for your losses with a simple case, but it’s not always that easy. Unfortunately, this leaves many injured workers accepting little to nothing for their suffering. 

Workers compensation rights can be confusing, even with more streamlined laws. However, that doesn’t mean you have to deal with it alone. The right attorney and the right guide can help you understand the costs of your claim and what you can do for yourself during this difficult time.