The Costs of Losing a Loved One in a Car Crash

Any car accident is already serious when you or someone you love is involved. When that loved one passes away due to injuries from the car accident, though? That’s even more painful, and it can affect your family in serious ways. You’re looking for an Indianapolis car accident attorney, but that lawyer will need to consider this as a wrongful death claim, too. 

It’s important to understand the costs of your family member’s fatal car accident. You know you’re hurting from the loss, but how do those losses add up over time? Since dealing with the loss of a loved one can be as wild and chaotic as the Wild West, you may need guidance on what losses you’re due because of the accident, also called damages. 

Financial Expenses 

A car accident is often expensive, and that’s not just because of the damage to the car. Your loved one may have received medical treatment after their accident, and that alone could be expensive. Life-threatening injuries may have led to emergency surgery, paramedic services, and intensive care, all adding up fast. 

After your loved one passes on, the expenses don’t stop. You’ll also need to seek compensation for the funeral and burial expenses, which only add to the costs of your claim. 

At least these losses are typically easier to calculate because they have a dollar amount. For example, your lawyer can add up the hospital bills, car repairs, and funeral expenses to find your claim’s worth. 

The Personal and Emotional Losses of a Car Accident

These financial losses aren’t the only ones your family may be dealing with. Losing a loved one isn’t solely financial, which means you may need help dealing with the emotional costs of your loss. These losses are intangible, which means you may not have a specific dollar amount attached. 

For example, you may know what the hospital bills are worth, but what about the loss of affection and guidance your family member could have provided? That’s much harder to put a price tag on, which is where a lawyer may step in. Rather than getting overwhelmed with the details of your claim, talk to your lawyer about your case and what you can do to get fair compensation for your family. 

Seeking Compensation for Your Fatal Accident Claim

When you’re facing the death of a loved one in a car crash, it can be tough to get compensated for your losses. You’re struggling with the grief, not just the expenses, which makes it hard to focus on the claim ahead of you. 

However, you do have options for compensation. Your attorney can help you get the compensation your family is owed, whether it’s the major expenses like a headstone, or the more complex non-economic losses such as you and your children’s greif. 

Whatever you need, you have a chance to get it with your lawyer’s help. Reach out to your lawyer to dig into your specific needs and get the compensation owed to you and your family.