Finding Fault in Multiple-Car Accidents

When you’re hit by another driver, you’re already facing a whole lot of questions and concerns that need to be untangled. Not every claim is so simple as one between one driver and another, though. You may have been involved in a huge pileup, one that left you unsure who caused the crash. 

Finding fault in these situations is rarely easy. You’re not the only one trying to point out the right party, so it can feel like everyone is pointing at everyone else for the blame. 

Luckily, you don’t have to find the at-fault party all by yourself. Keep these tips in mind to find the at-fault party, so you can get compensated for the damage you’ve been dealt. 

Evidence Against Another Driver

In many cases, proving the other driver caused the accident can be complex. You’ll need to build evidence against that driver, proving they were acting negligently. While not all claims require this step, serious injuries may require a lawsuit, so make sure you know who’s responsible. 

In some cases, there may be video or photo evidence of the crash. You might be able to obtain this physical proof or other proof that shows them being careless behind the wheel. Often, that can help you get compensated, especially when other drivers witnessed it. 

In other cases, their own statements may hurt their claim. They may accept the blame in the moment without realizing that their words can be used against them. In both cases, an attorney can help you seek evidence and get your claim started. 

Another Party May Be at Fault

You may have noticed, when seeking out evidence, that the first driver to lose control and crash seemed to be obeying the traffic laws. They may have claimed they simply lost control of the vehicle, and other drivers may not have noticed anything out of the ordinary. 

In these cases, you may need to file a claim against a third party, which may be responsible for your accident. For example, if their steering failed, you may have a claim against the manufacturer who built a fault wheel.

In other cases, road hazards could have caused your injuries. If another driver hydroplaned and hit you, causing a multiple-car pileup, they might not have caused the accident. Instead of crashing based on their own negligence, this driver may have lost control because of a road defect that caused the crash. 

Reach Out for a Lawyer’s Guidance

If you’ve been injured in a multi-car accident, chances are good that you’re hurt, you’re struggling to recover from your injuries, and the responsible party is tough to find. It can feel like the Wild West out there, when everyone is pointing fingers and trying to find the person to blame. 

Luckily, you don’t have to deal with your claim without any guidance. A Long Island car accident lawyer or an attorney in your area can help you find the responsible party. That way, you can focus on your physical recovery, while your lawyer unravels the fault for your car accident claim.