Illinois Car Accident Laws

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Illinois car accident laws are legal rules used to determine the person or people responsible for an accident. These laws determine who will pay for property and personal damage. In Illinois, just as in other American states, car accidents are common.

There Are Many Car Accident Laws

The state of Illinois has sufficient Illinois car accident laws that safeguard the interests of accident victims. These laws make it possible for traffic accident victims to obtain justice. They also reign in careless drivers.

Other states, including New York and California, also have car accident laws. Globally, only 28 countries have enough car accident laws. Most countries in Europe have these laws. Africa ranks lower on the scale with most African countries having insufficient traffic accident laws.

Car Accident Fatalities

In 2013, there were over 50 million car accident victims, including over 65,000 minors. In that year, around one million people died due to automobile deaths. Car accident is the number one cause of preventable death, not just in the United States, but also in other countries.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), one person dies every 25 seconds due to traffic accidents.

What to Do in the Event of an Accident

According to Illinois car accident laws, you should immediately stop when involved in a car accident. Leaving the car accident scene might be a bigger problem, especially if you are the accident victim. If you are a victim, you can immediately call your car accident lawyer in Chicago or elsewhere, or the police.

Do not move your vehicle after the accident. If you have to move it to make way for other motorists, make sure that you take photos.

Do Not Move Injured People

Illinois car accident laws also stipulate that you should not move injured people after the accident unless it is necessary to save lives. If there are injured individuals, you should immediately call an ambulance.

How Does the Law Define a Traffic Collision?

Illinois car accident laws define a traffic collision as a collision between a vehicle with a pedestrian, a building, another vehicle, or a pole. A vehicle collision can have casualties as well as property damage.

Legal Recourse

If you are a car accident victim, there is legal remedy. You can obtain compensation for your injuries if there is sufficient evidence that another party was responsible for the accident. In case of casualties, the responsible parties can face criminal charges.

Legal recourse can involve seeking court action. That will require filing the case through a lawyer who will deal with court representation. If seeking compensation from an insurance company, one can take the path of negotiation.

You Must Prove Harm

Illinois car accident laws stipulate that you must prove harm to obtain compensation. It is not enough to be a victim. There must be evidence of substantial harm.

A lawyer will offer much-needed assistance as far as interpreting Illinois car accident laws. The attorney will prove harm and the fact that the defendant is responsible for causing the harm.

The Bottom Line

Illinois car accident laws lay down the procedures one must follow to obtain car accident compensation. It also defines the various types of vehicle accidents.